Digital X-Rays

Your preventive and cleaning plan at our dental office includes taking X-rays of your teeth. At Dr. Politmi Mantzouranis, DDS' dental practice, we are equipped with the latest dental X-ray technology: digital radiography. This digital X-ray machine uses an electronic sensor that captures and stores images of your teeth.

Taking a digital X-ray is much faster and more comfortable process than taking an X-ray film. Digital radiography also greatly reduces exposure to radiation. Because the digital images captured by the X-ray machine can be instantly viewed, our dental team can diagnose any developing dental problems faster and more efficiently than ever before.

It is important to have digital X-rays of your teeth taken regularly in order to prevent pain, discomfort, and permanent damage to your oral health. Even though digital radiography is significantly safer than a traditional X-ray machine, our team still takes all of the necessary precautions to help prevent unnecessary radiation exposure. Your health and safety are our highest priorities.