Tooth Trivia Thursday!!

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Happy National Hug Day!
Who can tell us the 3 best benefits of getting and giving hugs?
First correct answer wins a prize!! and a hug!!!

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Good Luck!!

Keep Smiling and Live Gentle!!

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Tooth Trivia Thursday!!!!

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Congratulations Tony Thompson our winner on our elephant question.
They are endangered due to poaching for ivory and capturing young for zoos & circuses. Isolation from their kind creates great depression no matter how well fed or cared for.
Live Gentle and Keep Smiling!!
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Tooth Trivia Thursday!!

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Tooth Trivia Thursday!!

Although an elephant’s trunk is huge it is so dexterous it can pick up a grain of rice. Who can tell us how much it’s trunk can weigh?
Fun fact: They are extremely social. Extremely lonely if removed from their pack. Endangered species.

First right answer wins a prize!!!

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Keep Smiling and Live Gentle!!!
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Tooth Tip Tuesday!!

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Tooth Tip Tuesday!!!

New Years Resolutions for healthy living starts with a smile, which contributes to a positive attitude which in turn contributes to healthy living!!

Keep Smiling and Live Gentle!!
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Tooth Tip Tuesday!!

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Tooth Tip Tuesday!!!

Never eat yellow snow… It’s bad for your teeth….among other reasons… 

Keep Smiling and Live Gentle!!!
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Tooth Tip Tuesday!!

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Tooth Tip Tuesday!!!

Celebrating with the New Year’s Champagne toast although lower in calories than most festive beverages has more acidity and erodes tooth enamel. It’s recommended to drink water prior to brushing.

Here’s to YOUR Healthy Smile!!!
Keep Smiling and Live Gentle!!!
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Tooth Tip Tuesday!!

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Tooth Tip Tuesday!!

Holiday Healthy Yummy Treats: Keeping Pearly Whites Dazzling
Drink lots of water
Eat veggies and apples often
Brush and floss before going to bed
Sugarless gum is a great cleanser when brushing is not available
Smile and have fun!!
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Tooth Trivia Thursday!!

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Tooth Trivia Thursday!!!

How many hours do we enjoy in Frederick MD on the shortest day of the year, December 21?
Hint: Miami~10 Finland~6.
First correct answer wins a prize☆

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Keep Smiling and Live Gentle!!!
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Dental Diva Blog!!!!!

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dental diva



The Dental Diva has been out and about in the community and she has BIG NEWS to report!!  Did you know Folks over 50 have Five Major Dental Concerns to pay attention to??   Read below to find out more!!!!



Tooth Decay- YES if you are over 50 you are still at risk for cavities!!! You are susceptible to getting them on the surfaces of your teeth that have never been a problem before as well as around old existing fillings. As you age, the roots of your teeth become softer and sometimes more exposed and are therefore more at risk for decay than before!!!  THE FIX- Flouride is NOT just for kids!!  Flouride is one of the MOST important health measures developed in the 20th century. If you are starting to get cavities, consider a flouride rinse for home and always ask your hygienist about flouride treatment at your dental appointments!!!!


Dry Mouth- Saliva protects us against tooth decay.   However, if you’re not producing it, your teeth are at risk for cavities!! How do you know if you have dry mouth?? You’ll have a sticky feeling in your mouth, trouble swallowing, dry throat, and dry cracked lips.  You may notice a metallic taste in your mouth or persistent bad breath. You could also feel thirsty more than normal. Dry mouth is most commonly caused by medications and as we age we take more medications.  It can also result from smoking!!  THE FIX- If you have dry mouth you should try to stimulate saliva production.  Dr. Mantzouranis suggests chewing Spry Gum or Candies which contain xylitol, as well as sipping on water throughout the day. Your dentist may also prescribe a prescription saliva substitute or an over the counter formulation.


Gum Disease- If your gums are red, swollen or bleed easily you’ve  GOT GINGIVITIS, an early form of GUM DISEASE that can progress and become DANGEROUS.  If left untreated gingivitis often becomes periodontitis, which results in the gum pulling away from the tooth and creates a pocket for bacteria to grow.  If this condition develops it can cause the loss of bones in your jaw and eventually the loss of your teeth themselves!! It will also effect your over all health!! THE FIX- The BEST fix for this condition is REGULAR dental visits! Dr. Mantzouranis advises you may need to visit your dentist more frequently so your teeth can be properly cleaned and your gums may be treated for the condition.  Dr. Mantzouranis explains people who do not seek regular dental care are more likely to have advanced gum disease!!!!

ORAL CANCER!!!!-  More than 43,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancers THIS YEAR and more than 8,000 WILL DIE from it, according to The Oral Cancer Foundation.  Oral Cancer incidence definitely increases as you get older!! Dr. Mantzouranis advises this can be linked to smoking and alcohol use. Dr. Mantzouranis, among other Doctors have discovered that the Human Papiloma Virus also can cause oral cancer!! THE FIX- Only HALF of people who develop oral cancer survive the disease.  The best hope for survival is to discover it at its earliest stages- in which case there is an 80 percent chance of surviving for five years.  Dr. Mantzouranis states, “Your dental exam should always include a check for oral cancer.” Dr. Mantzouranis holds the patient’s tongue and checks the soft tissue in the mouth as well as the throat and jaw during her exams.  If your dentist does not do this, find another dentist!!!

Keep Smiling and Live Gentle!!!!

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Dental Phobia by the Dental Diva Scribe!!!!!!

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As we all know, most people DREAD and AVOID seeing a dentist.  Our practice was curious as to why this is because we consider ourselves a very  engaging and compassionate group to hang out with :)

What we found was not all that surprising…… Here are the TOP FIVE reasons avoid seeing a dentist.

  1. Dental Phobia- This is an unhealthy fear of the dentist and normally stems from a bad prior experience or learned traits.
  2. Cost- This is a big one!!! We all make daily choices based on cost.
  3. Time- In this day and age we have a lot going on in our lives between work and family commitments.  Finding the time to take care of our bodies should be a top priority, but sometimes is not.
  4. Fear of Being Reprimanded- No one enjoys hearing negative information about themselves or their hygiene habits.
  5. Ignorance- Most people do not have proper education regarding dental hygiene and lack good communication with their dentist.  For example: ” A little bleeding during brushing is normal.”  This is actually an indicator of gingivitis and if left untreated could turn into periodontitis, which effects our entire body and health.

Along with NOT being surprising this was also relieving to our practice!  How could our practice find reasons not to see us relieving you ask??  SIMPLE, our practice CAN and DOES eliminate ALL FIVE of the above and frequently upon the patient’s first visit!!     Here’s how:

  1. Dr. Mantzouranis and her staff make certain all patients become acquainted with our practice and have an opportunity to communicate one on one with Dr. Mantzouranis  regarding any fears/concerns they may have PRIOR to sitting in the dental chair. Her compassion for each of her patients is relayed before, during, and after each  patient’s visit.  We also offer water bottles, coffee, tea, and cookies!!  Who doesn’t like those??!!
  2. Our Practice Coordinators are available before and after each appointment to review all financial options. We accept all major credit cards, personal checks, cash and allow for individual payment arrangements when appropriate.
  3. Our flexible hours allow for perfect appointment times for you and your family.  We are always just a phone call away and eager to help accommodate your needs.
  4. Dr. Mantzouranis and her clinical staff love to educate and help our patients, not scold or reprimand them.  They take great joy and satisfaction in providing five star dental education and care. This coupled with compassion and a gentle touch allows our patients to feel comfortable and well informed.
  5. Our practice takes great pride in keeping our patients fully informed and educated on all levels of dentistry.  Dr. Mantzouranis and her staff complete yearly continuing education courses,  participate in focus groups,  review patient surveys etc to insure they are on the pulse of dentistry.  In fact our practice has received the Patient Choice Award TWO YEARS IN A ROW including 2013!!!  By keeping current our patients are always kept current and informed  as well.

Don’t miss out on a extraordinary dental experience and call us today!!!!  You can also check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus!!!! 

Keep Smiling and Live Gentle!! 


The Dental Diva Scribe 

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